Difference Between C++ and Java

Difference Between C++ and Java

Hello Friends! How are you? Welcome again to sirfpadhai.in Friends, I told in the previous post about the features of Java but in today’s post I will give you information about the Difference Between C++ and Java – What is the difference between Java and C++?

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Difference Between C++ and Java 


whenever Java is compared, it is mostly compared to C++ language because Java language inherits the syntax of C++ programming language. People say that a person who knows about C and C++ can easily learn Java programming language.

There are many differences between Java and C++ as well as similarities. But in today’s post we will learn about some of the top differences between Java and C++.

Difference Between C++ and Java

Comparison topicC++Java
Object OrientedC++ is an object oriented programming language but it is not completely object oriented programming language because in this we can create program without class and object also.Java is a Purely Object Oriented programming language because in this we cannot create any program without class and object.
Platform-IndependentC++ is platform dependent programming language because the code written in one computer cannot be run in another computer.Java is a Platform Independent programming language because we can run its byte code in any computer.
Goto StatementGoto statement is available in C++ programming language which means that C++ supports goto statement.Java does not support the goto statement.
Operator OverloadingSupports C++ language operator overloading.The Java language does not support operator overloading.
Compiler and InterpreterOnly compiler is used in C++ programming language, that means program code in C++ language gets converted from source code to machine code by compiler.Java language uses both Compiler and Interpreter. Firstly the java program code (source code) is converted into byte code by the compiler, after that the interpreter converts that byte code into machine code which is executed in the machine.
Multiple InheritanceC++ programming language supports multiple inheritance.Java language does not support multiple inheritance through class. It is implemented through Multiple Inheritance Interface in Java language.
PointerIn C ++ programming language, you can write program code using Pointer.Pointer supports internally in Java language. Today you cannot write a separate pointer program in Java language.
Structure and UnionThe C++ programming language supports the concept of Structure and Union.The Java programming language does not support the concept of structure and union.
Memory Allocation & DeallocationIt is the programmer’s responsibility to allocate and deallocate memory in C++ language.Memory management in Java is done by JVM which means that memory is allocated and deallocated automatically in it.
Access SpecifierC++ has three access specifiers: Public, Private and Protected.Virtual Keyword is not available in Java, in this, we can override all non-static methods by default. Non-static methods by default are virtual.
Header fileThe concept of Header File is available in C++.The concept of header file is not available in Java. In this, instead of the header file, there is a package.
Virtual KeywordVirtual Keyword is available for whether to override the method in C++ or not, which means that C++ supports Virtual Keyword.There are four access specifiers in Java: Public, Private, Protected, and Default.
Call by value and Call by referenceCall by value and call by reference are both supported in C++.Virtual Keyword is not available in Java, in this we can override all non-static methods by default. Non-static methods by default are virtual.
DestructorSupports C++ Destructor which works to destroy memory.Does not support Java Destructor because automatic garbage collection is available in it.

Key Differences Between C++ and Java

There are many other differences between C++ and Java. C++ is a general purpose programming language which is an extended form of C language. The C++ language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in Bell Labs. Which started developing in 1979. At first, it was named C with classes but in 1983 it was named C++. Java is also a general-purpose programming language that inherits many syntaxes of C and C++ programming languages. The Java language was developed by Sun Microsystem with three team members James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, and Mike Sheridan. Java language was first released on 23 May 1995.

Virtual Keywords, Operator Overloading, Friend Keywords, and Type def Keywords are used in C++, whereas all these keywords are not used in Java, meaning that Java does not support all keywords.


In C++ and Java, you will find many differences and similarities but I have told about a few differences in this post. Difference between C++ and Java. Java is a much more secure programming language than the C++ programming language. The C++ programming language was developed for system and application programming while Java was initially created as an interpreter for the printing system.

Friends, I have told some differences about C ++ and Java in this post? Difference between C++ and java? I hope you liked this post very much, do share this post with your friends and also give your feedback as well.


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