Difference between C++ and Java2 |give the advantages of java over c++.

Difference between C++ and Java2

Difference between C++ and Java2

1.It s compatible with c source code , except for a few corner cases.No backward compatibility with any previous languages. But the syntax is highly influenced by c/c++.
2.Write once, compile anywhere (WOCA).Write one, run anywhere/everywhere (WORA/WORE).
3.It allows procedural programming, functional programming, object-oriented programming and template meta-programming.It strongly encourages an object-oriented programming paradigm.
4.It allows direct calls to native systems libraries.Call though the java Native interface and recently java Native Access.
5.Exposes low-level system facilities.Runs on a virtual machine. Does not always provide full access to the features and performance of the platform on which the software runs.
6.It only provides object types and type names.It is reflective, allowing meta-programming and dynamic code generation at runtime.
7.Optional automated bounds checking.Normally performs bound checking. HotSpot can remove bounds checking.
8.It supports native unsigned arithmetic.No native support for unsigned arithmetic.
9.Pointers, references and pass-by-value are supported.Primitive and reference data types always pass by value. No Pointer.
10.Explicit memory management.Automatic garbage collection, no concept of destructor and usage of finalize() is not recommended.
11.It supports classes, structs and unions and can allocate them on heap or stack.It support classes only and allocates them on heap.
12.It allows explicit overriding types.Rigid type safety except for widening conversions.

Give the advantages of java over c++.

Advantages of java

Its benefits are as follows:-

  • It is a simple programming language.
  • It is object oriented programming language.
  • In this, many computers can be run on one network.
  • It is a very secure programming language.
  • The feature of memory allocation and garbage collector is also available in this.

Advantages of C++

  • Portability feature is available in C++ programming language. With the help of which the user can run the same program on any operating system.
  • It is an object oriented programming language, this is its biggest feature. In object oriented programming language, we get features like classes, inheritance, polymorphism.
  • It is a multi paradigm language. The term paradigm is used for the styling of the program.
  • Memory management feature is also available in C++ programming language.
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