What is Human Learning? | Types of Human Learning

What is Human Learning?

What is Human Learning?

In cognitive science, learning is typically referred to as the process of gaining information through observation. And why do we need to learn? In our daily life, we need to carry out multiple activities. It may be a task as simple as walking down the street or doing the homework. Or it may be some complex task like deciding the angle in which a rocket should be launched so that it can have a particular trajectory. To do a task in a proper way, we need to have prior information on one or more things related to the task. Also, as we keep learning more or in other words acquiring more information, the efficiency in doing the tasks keeps improving. For example, with more knowledge, the ability to do homework with less number of mistakes increases. In the same way, information from past rocket launches helps in taking the right precau tions and makes more successful rocket launch. Thus, with more learning, tasks can be performed more efficiently.

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Types of Human Learning.

Thinking intuitively, human learning in one of the three ways –

  1. either somebody who is an expert in the subject directly teaches us.
  2. we build our own notion indirectly based on what we have learnt from the expert in the past.
  3. we do it ourselves, may be after multiple attempts, some being unsuccessful. The first type of learning, we may call, falls under the category of learning directly under expert guidance, the second type falls under learning guided by knowledge gained from experts and the third type is learning by self or self-learning. Let’s look at each of these types deeply using real-life examples and try to understand what they mean.

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