History of java | history of JAVA in a tabular form.

history of JAVA in a tabular form

History of java

Several versions of Java exist today ever since Sum Microsystems released the first version of Java i.e. JAVA 1.0. This was followed by an updated version, JAVA 1.1. When Sun released the next version, Java 1.2, they changed the name of the language to JAVA 2. Please remember that 2 is part of the name and not the version number. So that version of the language was known as Java 2 version 1.2. The next version was Java 2 version 1.3. The current version is Java 2 version 1.4.

Let us show the history of JAVA in a tabular form.

Table 1.1: History of Java

YearFeatures and versions of JAVA
1990Sun Microsystems Started Stealth project supporting applications of computers in the consumer electronics market.
1991Green project started with the members of Stealth project such as James Gosling, Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheridan. New programming language called as Ok was created by Gosling.
1992An intelligent remote control called StarSeven was delivered. The Green project was incorporated under the name FirstPerson.
1993Mosaic web browser was introduced in the field of internet.
1994HotJava web browser was introduced by Sun Microsystems.
1995Oak was renamed as java.
1996Sun released the first version 1.0 of JAVA with core features like I/O, utilities, network programming. and user interfaces like AWT, and multithreading introduced.
1997Sun released JDK 11 with new features like inner classes, JavaBeans, JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and RMI (Remote Method Invocation).
1998JAVA 2 platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.2, code named as Playground, was released, It replaced JDK and JVM was equipped with JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler.
2000J2SE 1.3, code named as kestral, was released with key features like JavaSound APIs like audio playback, recording etc.
2002J2SE 1.4, code named as Merlin, was released with key features like integranted XML parser, image I/O.
2004J2SE 5.0, code named as Tiger, was released with new features like enhanced for-loop, autoboxing/unboxing, enums, etc.
2006JAVA SE 6.0, code named as Mustang, was released with new features like swing, JDBC 4.0 support etc.
2008Java SE 7.0, code named as Dolphin, with native support for XML with its role in Web services.

Unlike most other software systems that usually settle into a pattern of small, incremental improvements, JAVA continued to evolve at an explosive space. We shall be studying the latest version JAVA 2 Platform Standard Edition with JAVA DEVELOPMENT KIT 5.0 (JDK1.4.2_0) IN THIS BOOK.

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